Wednesday, January 14, 2009

FrankenBike to Vietnam

Well, this post is long overdue. I'm not lazy, I just an not a very good typist (I think it is called "keyboard-challenged)

FrankenBike is finished. We are shipping it to Ho Chi Mihn City (HCMC or Saigon) I will load a photo as soon as I figure out the new, but used, camera that I just swapped for. Chelsey and Max can have the good one, I just need a simple one. A camera that is.

OK, FrankenBike. When my pal quit the casino biz, he let me raid the casino's lost and found for any bike that has not been claimed in the last 12 months. I freed five of them. Two were stripped and all the components went into the bone-box. Two others were welded together and modified for the tall bike, The 3rd became..............................Frankenbike.

It is an early generation Schwinn mountain bike, 25" frame. I pulled off the 26" wheels and cantaleiver brakes, and put on a pair of 27" wheels, a Suntour 7 speed freewheel, a funky neck and side pull brakes, throw away levers and a nice index shifter. Even the kickstand has been extended because of the bike's hieght, but I reckon that I can't rent a bike for a 6'2" Yank in VietNam. Besides, I'm leaving it in Cambodia so who cares?

2 bottle cages, a mini-pump and a dingbell. Handlebar tape (recycled from an old Peugeot roadbike that Beto gave me) instead of grips, a cheapo rear rack, pump bag, handlebar bag I've had forever. So I'll edit this when I get a picture, and add more words, but this much is my limit as my fingers are cramping and my Fat Tire is getting warm. POST!

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