Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Australian Bike for Everyday Cyclist

Australian Brand For The ‘Everyday Cyclist’ Wednesday, January 18, 2012 SYDNEY, Australia - Ortre is a solo endeavor of Sydney based Alex Liauw. Putting together the fun cycling, the professional skills of an industrial designer, and a desire to design and create ones own products. Ortre is aimed at the ‘everyday cyclists’. The new Australian brand draws inspiration from people who use their bicycles for transport, people who understand that cycling is convenient, economical and enjoyable.The first part of the project was to develop a line of cycling accessories like a pump, lock, and multi-tool. The second project was to design a ‘bicycle for making short trips with luggage.’In a seamless mash-up of Japanese Mini-velo style and traditional Porter Bike utility the Cinco5 was created. Described as a lightweight, urban, utility bike, it features a luggage rack forming as a continuation of the frames twin top tubes that can be configured with a basket or wooden carrier depending on the needs of the user.“With these products, and more to come, we hope to play a part in the future development of everyday cycling”, said Alex Liauw.

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